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Maximize Your Potential as an Aries


Such persons are very desirable partners, usually they select beautiful, clever and good wives. Generous and bountiful, romantic but spendthrift. Rash and passionate.

Ideal Match.

Leo, Libra and Sagittarius born persons are fit to marry Arians. But they should try to be peaceful, avoid lavish spending, rash temperament
and have saving disposition.

Domestic Environments.

A good neat and clean house. Good friends and excellent hosts. Love their home and family. Good company and many friends are the weakness of Arians and they are of cheerful nature. In order to have a happy home, they should avoid rash temperament, criticism of each other and should not be impulsive, impatient, sarcastic and revengeful.


Professions ruled by Mars best suit Arians. If the planet which denotes one’s profession by owning either 2nd, 6th or 10th house in one’s horoscope, occupies Aries in rasi or lord of the house occupies, in Navamsa, if Aries happens to be the 2nd, 6th or 10th house and lord Mars is very strong, professions connected with Army, Defence Department, Surgeons, Police, Chemist, Law, Iron and Steel, Machines, Factories, industry or sports
goods are best suited for them.

Lucky days, Numbers, Colors and Stones.

Lucky days for Arian born people are Tuesday, Saturdays and Fridays, Monday and Sunday are fair. Other days are expensive and undesirable. Day of fast is Tuesday. Lucky numbers are 9 and 1, attractive 4 and 8. Passive numbers are 2, 3, 5 and disagreeable numbers are 6 and 7. Favorable colors are Red, Yellow, Copper and Golden. Use of Black color be avoided. The lucky stone is Red Coral which can be used in Copper or silver in first finger on Tuesday morning after offering prayers.

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