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Maximize Your Potential as a Capricorn


Capricorns have number of children but will not mix with them,and not allow them to go beyond limit, keep them under control, but will not antagonize them. Children will be more affectionate as age advances.

Domestic Environments.

They are anxious for early marriage, but are destined to marry. They will be dutiful to the children and family, but will not display their love. Keep the home beautiful, hate noise and like clam atmosphere and privacy, seclusion and peace. Care most for respect and prestige of the family.

Traits to be Corrected.

They should develop dignity, diplomacy, avoid nervousness and discontent. If ascendant or Saturn receives bad aspects from any planet, the native will be mostly selfish and egoistic pessimistic, desperate and brokenhearted. They will work hard and over exert, contemplate mediate and tax himself much and due to over strain will be fatigued. All these traits are required to be corrected.


When Moon forms good aspects with ascendant and lord of ascendant, she indicates business of kerosene oil, land and animals, contractor in irrigation department and a successful agriculturist. Mars forming favorable aspects denotes engineer, cement manufacturer, lawyer, brick kiln owner, Mercury indicates engineers, deep thinker, dealers in scientific instruments, crystal grazing. Yoga are advantageous. Jupiter forming good aspects denoted physician or scientist, gain through large companies, clubs and societies. Also through land and mine products, long term contracts etc.Venus indicates chemicals, leather and hides, religious head, Sanyasi etc.

Lucky Days, Number, Colors and Stones.

Lucky and favorable days are Friday, Tuesday, Saturday and Wednesdays whereas Sunday, Monday and Thursday are days of worries and expense. They should speculate on Tuesday and Friday. Invest on Saturday, sign documents contracts etc. on Tuesdays. Lucky numbers are 6,9,8. Avoid 3, other numbers are passive. Favorable colors are white, black, red and blue. Avoid yellow and cream colors. Lucky stone is blue sapphire and be used in gold or five metals ring in 2nd finger of right hand on Saturday morning after prayer. But when Saturn is in fall or unfavorable, use blue Sapphire plus red Coral or Blue Sapphire plus emerald as above. Day of fast for good luck is Saturday.


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