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Maximize Your Potential as a Libra

Physical Appearance of Libra.

Good complexion, well formed body, tall, slender in youth but tendency to stoutness in middle age, smooth, brown to black hair, blue or brown eyes, passionate, parrot like nose, round or oval face, good features, curves and contours of body are regular, often have dimples, good looking, graceful and youthful appearance with sweet smile and with attractive countenance. Almond eyes which speak themselves. Such persons look younger than their age normally.

Mental Tendencies of Libra.

Libran is fond of fine dress, perfumes, art and music. Fertile imagination and correct intuition, brilliant intellect, forethought, admirable refinement, supreme indemnity and pleasant nature. Imaginative or artist, hopeful, cheerful, humane, just, orderly, sympathetic, loving but change their opinion often, fond of society and amusements and usually amorous. One can concentrate, meditate and reach a higher plane of spiritual life.

Personality of Libra.

The planetary signification is Venus. Librans are very courteous and hospitable, quick in temper which will soon be quieted. They are fond of beauty in all forms, easily appeased, enjoy always the society and company of brave, happy, sunny and mirthful people. Librans are affectionate, kind, generous and compassionate, idealistic, artistic, adoptable,constructive, intuitive, impressionable and inspirational, sexy, passionate and of compromising nature, so they become easily popular. Librans have such strong conjugal affection that they do not consider anything else more important than pleasure. Fond of opposite sex, argue with clarity and foresight. They have warmth and charming manners, take interest in their dress, make up perfumes, furniture, conveyance and other comforts. They are very affectionate and gentle, will be popular throughout the life. Full of charms and manners. Librans should keep their emotions in check, should not allow things to get out of hand. They should forgive but never forget. They must keep check on their expenditure as they are extravagant. Librans enjoy happy family life generally, also enjoy the life to the full. They are everlasting friends as they are honest in love, courteous and generous. Without friends they cannot pass life. They are expert in love affairs and they are sincere. They marry early in life, happy at home and in social life, some times they will have partners who cannot satisfy them, they cannot remain together for a moment. Librans have limited number of children, who will be helpful to them in old age. Generally Librans do not have such younger brothers who are as useful, reliable and true to them. They are more benefited by a few sincere friends.

Health and Diseases of Libra.

Librans enjoys good physical structure. But they are prone to infectious diseases. Kidneys, loins, spines, uterus, male’s private parts, pineal glands and lumber vertabrae are the indicated body parts by Librans. So one can expect troubles in these parts. Appendicitis, lumbago and polyuria etc. are the diseases indicated.

Finance and Fortune of Libra.

Since Librans excel other people in matters of reasoning, logic, foresight and judgement, their partners look to them for guidance and correct decision. Also good critics and suited for law so they are blessed with finance, wealth and good conveyance. Librans are extravagant, they spend on luxuries, dress, curios etc. They will donate for good causes, generous and liberal. Romance and Marriage. Librans are expert in love affairs, so they are most
lovable people for sex life. Sincere and affectionate in love and their charming manners, dress, fashion etc., they attract the opposite sex. Their passions rise and die quickly. Librans enjoys most in the company of opposite sex, good debater. They marry early in life. Fond of life of amusement, social gatherings, happy at home and cheerful. They love high standard of living. Sometime they can not have partner who can satisfy them.


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