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Maximize Your Potential as a Libra

Husbands of Libra.

Librans are cheerful, romantic, passionate and of adjusting nature. They try to accommodate to a good extent. They will provide the family with all comforts, luxuries and necessities of life. Good expressive of love. In case they do not get response of love from their partner they become disappointed and do not seek divorce but try to adjust. Partner in life is indicated by 2, 7 and 11th houses whose lords are Mars and Sun, so the partner in life will be of rash and short tempered and are of independent views. Mostly they will be martians and Leos. So Librans has to tone down the fiery nature of partner with their diplomacy and tact to maintain peace at home.

Ideal Match of Libra.

Librans are best suited to Gemini and Aquarius born, they will manage with others except Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer born people who will not agree with them.

Children of Libra.

Librans will have limited children which are dutiful and helpful in old age. They take care of their children well. If children are born when Saturn is in Libra sign, then they will be renowned, diplomatic, obedient, peace loving, moderate, impartial, polite and submissive.

Domestic Environments of Libra.

Happy and harmonious domestic life is essence of Librans. They keep the house decorative, well furnished and quite charming. Costly ornaments will be in their possession of which such ladies are fond of. They love their home, family and children. They are everlasting friends, honest king, generous and fond of parties at home and with friends without whom they cannot live.

Professions of Libra.

Librans have much to do with government servants and officers, they will lead mostly a public life with both financial and social success. They do not hurt others, so they are popular. Best suited for law and may engage themselves in liquid items, also chemists, electrical engineers, transport, Navy and painters etc. Also they can be writers, musician, play back singers, architects, teachers and good salesmen.

Traits to be Corrected of Libra.

Librans should control their emotional nature. Much of the time will be wasted in love and sex as they combine business and pleasure which should be avoided. Librans gain through fortune or good will, generosity of an affectionate and influential people or associates, so checking of their emotions is a must for them lest they go out of bound and allow things to go out of hand. They should not be extravagant, be decisive, avoid copying mannerisms from others. Being of liberal nature, they should not be fooled, and form the habit of forgiving but not forgetting. They should also learn to say No to people.

Lucky Days, Numbers, Colors and Stones of Libra.

Lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, whereas Thursday is evil and Friday offers mixed results. Lucky numbers are 1, 2, 4 and 7 whereas 5, 6, 3 and 9 are inharmonious. 8 stands for investment and profit to one with whom Librans transact. Lucky colors are orange, white, and red. Green and Yellow be avoided. Lucky stone is diamond in gold or platinum in 3rd finger on Friday morning after offering prayer. When Venus is in fall or unfavorable use white coral or white sapphire. Day of fast is Tuesday to mitigate or reduce the evils in life.

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