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Maximize Your Potential as a Pisces

Physical Appearance of Pisces.

Pisceans are generally of short stature, of plump body, have short limbs, have a fleshy face, pale complexion, tendency to double chin, muscular and spherical shoulders. Pisces have Big and protruding eyes, soft and silky hair. Wide mouth and inclining to corpulence especially in later years.

Mental tendencies of Pisces.

People born in Pisces sign are Quick in understanding, inspirational, versatile, easy going, good natured, changeful, psychic, emotional, fond of music, passionate, affectionate and charitable. Sometimes they are secretive, reserved or mysterious in their way of doing things. Philosophical and they lead a romantic life.

Personality of Pisces.

People born in Pisces sign are Kind, loving, truthful and of sympathetic nature. Courteous and hospitable. Restless, helpful and humane. Lacking generally in self confidence, self esteem, modest, timid, and they can not harm any one. Being dual sign Pisceans are puzzle to others and to himself even, can not be steady, mostly sweet tempered and social. Led away by fancies and new ideas, polite and modest. At times they are over anxious and become disheartened, indecisive and lacking in life and energy. They use best of circumstances, vital temperament. Of varying moods, over liberal, keep hopes on other’s promises, rely friends and many a times suffer at their hands. Addicted to drink, love psychic and occult science. They are best suited as poets, musicians, in planning commission, painters,nurses, caterers, teachers, accountants, banker, actors or as Liaison officers etc. Pisceans should marry for happy married life to persons born with Virgo and Cancer ascendants.

Health of Pisces.

Being a watery sign one will be addicted to drink. The pisceans will suffer from gastric troubles, varicose veins or guinea worms. Affliction of bile and feet is denoted. This sign governs ankles, feet, teeth and left eye and the diseases indicated are consumption, tuberculosis, tumors and mucous troubles. Planets in Poorva Bhadra constellation shows abdominal tumor, enlarged liver and enzymes deficiency and in Rewati star causes deafness, general nervous debility, cramps, etc. Sun in Pisces produces perspiration of feet, chillness, intestinal troubles due to lack of blood supply and typhoid. Moon denote drink, over drugging the system. Mars indicates fracture in the foot, deformities, piles, inflammation in the bowels and hernia. Mercury causes nervous debility, deafness and tuberculosis. Jupiter in Pisces denotes swollen feet, perspiration, enlargements of liver, abdominal tumor, deficiency of enzymes and intestine troubles. Venus causes gout, intestinal troubles whereas Saturn causes Rheumatism, foot-droop, tuberculosis and dropsy.


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