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Maximize Your Potential as a Scorpio

Physical Appearance.

Scorpions have good personality, well proportioned body, long hands, are of average stature, broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body. Tendency to stoutness, often square type of face and robust build of body, prominent brows and dusky complexion unless ascendant is affected by some malefic planets.

Mental Tendencies.

Scorpio sign is called “KEETA” meaning reptile representing the poisonous Scorpion. This sign represents two types. The higher type people who have control over their senses, others are lower type, will be jealous of others and rude, strong Willed but irreconcilable and are stubborn and seekers of sensuous pleasure. So we can sum up Scorpions as quick, keen, shrewd, critical of penetrating mind and keen judgement. They are self reliant, bold and of fixed views being this a fixed sign. A subtle mind hard to influence, not easily imposed upon, energetic, courageous and sarcastic. A few are of practical nature. Scorpions are interested in occult, chemical research and in mystery. Self assertion, extremism, have strong likes and dislikes, and have tendency to override and keep others under control. Scorpions are best detectives and fond of investigating mysteries and occult. They have intense feeling of emotions, blessed with power of intuition, quite resourceful, they enjoy life from lowest pleasures to highest tone. They are impulsive, forceful, have constructive and destructive ability, they can be frugal and economical, unyielding, and are self-made natives. They lose their temper quickly, get irritated and are highly sexed. Sometimes they get ill repute. They have rational thinking hate gossip, loose talk, black mailing and only concerned with their own work. They are free frank, plain and sarcastic. Cunning but very true, loyal, faithful and reliable. But in case others misbehave or become unfaithful etc., they become revengeful, relentless and selfish. Mr. Max Heindele in “The message of stars” says, Scorpios not only refuse to work themselves but become demagogues who incite others to social fire brands and very dangerous to the community”, if the bad side of Scorpio dominates. Scorpions are lucky in case of finances and in anything they want like vehicles, wife, business, house, service, etc. but they cannot save the money. They do not want to remains under anybody’s control but want to command others. Their domestic life is generally happy. They are good friends but also worst enemies, so life long friendship for them is not possible. They are violent but have complex moods. In love affair they are intense, dynamic and energetic. But to have a pleasant and smooth life with their wife and opposite sex in general, they must have sympathy, good understanding and steady affection and try to cultivate it. They want compliments and appreciation from their partners but cannot withstand with any criticism so one should be careful for marrying a Scorpio girl and check that her ascendant should not be afflicted.


Scorpions can not remain idle, while facing obstacles and hindrances they are at their best talents, and never surrender but fight to the last end. They have fertile imagination Scorpio being a watery sign. Reserved, tenacious, determined and quick witted. Alert, forceful and positive. Often Scorpions are blunt, fond of contest and travel.

Health and Diseases.

Scorpio denotes generative organs, Pelvic bone, bladder, enlargement of prostrate glands, testicles and seminal vesicles. Jupiter Mars in Scorpio cause the diseases of above body parts whereas Saturn causes stone in bladder. 6th house is a house of disease which is Aries for Scorpio ascendant and indicates brain affliction, insomnia, neuralgia, coma, trance and somnambulism.

Finance and Fortune.

Scorpions are lucky for wealth, also they gain through speculations, blessed with money, vehicles, wife, business or good position in service, house, garden etc. They are extravagant. Their income will be substantial as they know how to make and earn money.

Romance and Marriage.

Scorpion are intense, dynamic, energetic in romance and love but of complex moods, Unless Scorpions have sympathy, good understanding and steady affection and try to cultivate they can not have a pleasant smooth life with opposite sex. They cannot tolerate any criticism, but provide full comforts to the wife. The wife of Scorpion will be just, honest, sincere and generally lucky. But when 2, 7 and 11th houses are occupied by malefics, difficulties arise in married life.


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