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Maximize Your Potential as a Scorpio


Scorpion husbands will appreciate the qualities of their wives. He loves his wife, cares more for honor and family prestige. They are rash in temperament, of adjustable nature. A Scorpio husband should never marry a girl born in Scorpio with adverse aspects to lagna or ascendant and Mars, but if it receives good aspects or no bad aspects, one cannot get better wife than Scorpio born.

Ideal Match.

Scorpio born suit well to people born in Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Children and Friends.

Large family, but if Jupiter and Mercury are afflicted one may not have any child. The children will be lucky and intelligent. Scorpion can have friends for long time but if they choose any friend and maintain the same then the relations will last throughout life. Scorpions retaliate and are extremists. To gain from a Scorpion born person you should adjust yourself with him and then you can get a lot from him.

Domestic Environments.

Your basic nature is to boss over others, so you like the same at home. You cannot lead the life without full comforts. Spend more than income. You want to design your home according to your taste. Face troubles boldly and convert them to you advantage. Scorpions are more successful and happy than others.


Scorpio indicates chemistry, medicine, insurance, maternity departments also surgeon, chemists, research work, intelligence agency officer, detectives, iron and steel works, military and naval departments. Good and honorable professions will be occupied by Scorpions.

Traits to be Corrected.

Scorpion should not be sarcastic, over critical, control their temper, try to avoid secret enmity of the ladies and be not selfish. Be patient and wait for the results of his efforts. It the bad side of Scorpio dominates then they are master of creating anarchy, lawlessness and destruction as they are then social fire brand and dangerous to the community. Do not fall prey to the habit of drinking. Revengeful nature be avoided.

Lucky Days, Numbers, Colors and Stones.

Lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Thursday, whereas Wednesday and Saturdays are not favorable days. Lucky numbers in order are 3, 9, 4, 1, 2 and 7. Avoid 5, 6 and 8. Lucky colors are Yellow, Red, Orange and Cream. Avoid Blue, Pure White and Green colors. Lucky stone is Yellow Sapphire or dark Red Coral in gold or copper respectively in 4th finger on Tuesday morning after prayer. Also may use Ruby, colored pearls for favorable results. But if Mars is afflicted or malefic use Ruby or Red coral plus Pearl in silver or copper in 1st or 4th finger as above. The day of fast is Tuesday for Success and prosperity.

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