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Maximize Your Potential as a Taurus

Physical Appearance.

The person born with Taurus as rising sign at the Ascendant are of short to middle height of broad forehead, plump, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, dark hairs, clear complexion, well developed body, ambitious and obstinate. Mental Tendencies are Persevering, constant, conservative determined, obstinate and ambitious of power yet social, affectionate and loving but can also be very unreasonable at times, prejudiced, when angry will not stop at anything. Slow but good and steady worker.


Taurians are enduring and very patient, violent and unrelenting. They are slow and steady and are possessed of strong Will, domestic and determined. Any thing done is well done and thought before hand. Can work hard, when opposed they become stubborn and unyielding. Usually secretive and reserved, sincere, reliable and trustworthy. They are fond of pleasure and love, natural beauty, art, music and literature, Sympathetic having a
magnetic quality. They have the ability to earn and are good for executive jobs. They become worldly and lead a pleasurable life. Fond of ease,
comfort, opposite sex and will have many love affairs. They will on the whole enjoy a good health. One can depend on their opinion, ever smiling but
highly diplomatic. The planetary signification is Venus.


Taurians possess normally robust and super-human health, less sensitive to pains. They suffer from an over abundance of life, will never admit physical disability. If they fall ill, suffer for a long time as their recuperative power is not satisfactory and recovery is slow. Generally Taurians are prone to affliction of throat, tonsils, diphtheria, neck, pyorrhea, cold and apoplexy. Pimples and eyesores give them troubles. The most sensitive part is throat for which a great care be taken. As age advances, one may suffer from constipation, plethora and similar difficulties. They have unbounded appetite and should try to lead temperate life.


Such persons have saving nature, will accumulate and hoard money and never squander unnecessarily. Gambling nature is also indicated and will gain during Mercury period. Patience and perseverance is the basic nature. Of materialistic mind, will get money from others. Practical and rise gradually, they do not take chances, absolutely not extravagant but save always and do not risk money. They know the value of money and never waste.

Romance and Marriage.

Venus is lord of Taurus sign. It indicate, love affairs, taste in music, art, cinema and drama etc. Taurians may be in opposition and upsetting conditions. They should have self control. They are not impulsive in love, and take a long time in selecting partner in life. Faithful in love with deep emotion, do not like quarrels and hate confusion. They respond well to kind treatment and are flattered by luxury. They will always fulfill their social and financial obligations. In married life they are well set, men will have loving wives and ladies devoted husbands. Divorce is rare. They will bear and suffer the untold miseries and never desert the partner. They will shelter the partner, well looked after, attended upon, cared for and protected under any circumstances. They are fond of giving parties, sumptuous food to others and hope to be treated by others in similar ways.


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