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Maximize Your Potential as a Virgo

Physical Appearance.

Virgoans are tall with a slender body. Dark hair and hairy. Curved and hairy eyebrows, thin and shrill voice, walks quickly and will never have a pot- belly. Straight nose, appear younger than age, a pronounced forehead, frank and honest expressions of the eyes and sometimes beautiful blue eyes (Venus is the ruler of the second house). Complexion will be as per ascendant and aspects on the same.

Mental Tendencies.

Fond of learning, active mind, good mental abilities, critical, methodical, ingenious, undecided but usually precise though nervous and lacking self confidence. Perceptive and somewhat intuitive, critical, keeps things properly and orderly and thinks in a methodical way. A genius, analytical and a deep thinker.


Virgoans are ambitious for wealth, are conservative, modest, thoughtful, contemplative and industrious. They have good endurance not easily contented, changeable nature and environment, often change their residence. They have commercial instinct, methodical, practical and discriminating. Experts in finding faults with others. Best suited for the post of inspector, auditor, income tax officer of examiner. A saving disposition, over careful and sensitive. Love details of things and accounts. Speculative, cautious regarding their own interest, diplomatic, delight in horticulture, intellectual and economical. Prudent, act with fore- thought, fond of studying science particularly about medicine, food, diet, hygiene etc.
They should avoid drugs, should not be talkative, avoid criticism changeability, first think, then decide and to it, do not be fickle minded.
Should develop a true consistency of purpose. He should learn to forget other’s mistakes and forgive them for their faults. They should not be
revengeful.To maintain the health, care for diet should be taken, he will enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. Keep his stomach and nervous system in order, take vitamin B and have a balanced diet. They are prone to the diseases of bowls, abdomen and nervous disorder.
As regards finances, they have a commercial and business instinct. Will succeed in matters connected with the earth and its products. He will face
many ups and downs in life, hard work will pay.Methodical, have wander lust in their nature, will have a peaceful and pleasant domestic life. His wife will be religious, God fearing, law abiding and true. He will form friendship with new persons.In love affair, you will hardly succeed as you are in the nature of finding faults with others, rarely passionate, you postpone marriage and prefer to be bachelor, but when married you become home bird. Limited progeny, and will give them good education and will be worried about their future. All children will set well in life.The planetary signification is Mercury.

Health and Disease.

Virgo born people enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. Active, look younger than age in youth. They are particular about their health. Stomach and nervous system are very sensitive, the use of much vitamin B in your diet will avoid these troubles and have regular meals. Avoid worries, discontentment, irritability and short temper. Normally you will have temptation for excess. High living and deep thinking should also be avoided. Be cautious against gall-stones. Avoid Alcohol and use vegetarian and balanced diet. Have plenty of rest and enjoy clam surroundings. When malefic signs are posited in Virgo, one suffers from dysentery and typhoid during this periods. You will have minor injuries very often and it is likely that you may meet with accidents, so do not drive rash. Virgo indicate bowels, kidney, large intestines, mesentery, anus and nervous system, When lord of this sign Mercury is afflicted one can suffer from the above diseases.


Being of a commercial instinct, you should be careful about your money. Hard work will pay you in life and bring you to top. Return of investment will be poor. If lord of 6th house, Saturn is exalted, receives good aspects denotes goods fortune.

Romance and Marriage.

Virgo born are very intelligent, so they find great difficulty in selecting the partner as they give more importance to intelligence than to pleasure and romance, but in a few cases, you will be disappointed. They are shy and not demonstrative in love. Do not be sensitive. As Virgoans are in the habit of fault finding nature but passionate, they should try to appease others by conversation etc. You should bear in mind that as you require appreciation for your intelligence, so the people whom you love be praised and admired for their intelligence and beauty even if they do not possess these qualities.


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