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Maximize Your Potential as a Virgo


Virgoans prefer to be bachelor for a long time as they treat married life a partnership or social scheme. But when married they provide all comforts to the partner and family members due to your wife, you will enjoy good family atmosphere and lead a happy life. Be not so economical that your married life becomes afflicted and this habit be avoided. Virgo born people have limited number of children and provide all facilities to them at any cost. Children will maintain good health and enjoy future.They may not show outer affection to the children.

Ideal Match.

The persons born in Taurus, Capricorn and earthy signs and Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are best suited for Virgo born persons. Or the persons born on Mondays, Rohini, Hast, Sarvana asterisms are suitable for happy and prosperous relations and partnership.

Domestic environments.

Change is your basic nature, wandering, change of residence and environments etc. Virgo people like an orderly home and put up a show when guests are invited. A good house, is always destined for you. Your wife will be religious and God fearing, law abiding and true due to which you will have a peaceful and pleasant domestic life.


Virgo born people should select their partners in business very carefully, who should keep them cheerful and utilize their intelligence as best, Virgo are slave to the work, hard taskmaster and like to be left alone in a quite place to carry out the work and plans. When Mercury forms good aspects shows the profession as a broker, accountant, lawyer, journalist, engineers, surgeons, work connected with liquids etc. Much depends on the planet forming good aspects with lords of 2nd, 6th or 10th houses in Virgo and be analysed accordingly.

Traits to be corrected.

Virgo born persons should not be so sensitive critical, conversationalist and chatty. Avoid too much calculating and in detail finding nature. Fault finding habit be avoided. They should have self confidence and avoid nature of changes. He should be a good judge and should not seek other’s advice to often to confuse himself but stick to a single person’s advice. Revengeful and long sustained resentment be avoided.


A few of your friends and servants will betray you, will try to have your secrets, exploit them and may take you to court of law and stand witness against you to spoil you and your reputation etc. So you are warned to be careful from your servants and friends and choose them with great care. Better get their horoscopes checked before employing them or making them as friends.

Lucky days, numbers, colors and stones.

Lucky and favorable days are Wednesday, Friday, Monday and Thursdays where as Sunday, Tuesday and Saturdays are not favorable for doing any important or auspicious work.Lucky numbers are 2,3,5,6 and 7 whereas disagreeable numbers are 1 and 8 and the passive numbers are 4 and 9.
Favorable and lucky stones are Emerald, Pearl, Diamond and Yellow Sapphire in gold which should be worn in 4th finger of right hand on
Wednesday morning after offering prayers. But when Mercury is in fall or malefic Ruby and Emerald be used in Gold to minimize or ward off the evils. The day of fast is Friday throughout the life.

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