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Can Wearing a Diamond Improve Your Life?


Astrological Effects Of Diamond – Heera

According to Vedic Astrology, Diamond represents the planet Venus. Diamond is a very effective Gemstone. Smaller sized Diamonds are also considerably priced in the markets. It is generally the most favorite Gemstone of women, and why not, as according to Vedic Astrology it is the symbol of beauty and feminine. Therefore the Diamond is directly linked to Women. Venus is the planet of  beauty, splendor and luxury, it must be beneficial in your horoscope to get a happy married life and because the diamond represents the planet Venus , we can have  more positive effects of Venus by wearing a diamond. By wearing a Diamond you can give more strength to your Venus and get all beneficial results from this action. If you want to live a happy married life and a luxurious life you must wear a Diamond, but it is  highly recommended to consult with an expert Astrologer to make sure if it will be beneficial for you to wear. People who do business in industries associated with Women, such as  jewelry, clothes, furnishings, etc must wear the Diamond as these businesses are related to Venus. People in the industries  of film or television must also wear a Diamond, because Venus has a very big role in these sectors. It is impossible to achieve success in modeling,  film, or television industry without obtaining the auspiciousness of Venus. The person who has a beneficial Venus in the horoscope must wear the Diamond. If Venus is malefic in your horoscope you should never wear a Diamond, infact you must do the remedies of Venus to get relief from the bad effects of Venus. You must consult an expert Astrologer before wearing the Diamond Gemstone.

How to wear Diamond – Heera ?

If you want to wear a Diamond Gemstone, you can wear a 0.5 to 1 carat Diamond. Diamond should have white color and less black spots in side. Make in a gold or silver ring and wear it in the morning of any Friday during Shukla Paksha, wear it in the last or middle finger. To Purify and activate the Diamond gemstone , dip the ring in milk, honey and pure water, for 20 to 30 minutes, Burn 5 incense sticks in the Name of Shukra Deva and pray that you are going to wear the representative gemstone Diamond to have Blessings from Shukra Deva. Then take out the ring from the pure water and round it up the incense sticks 11 times while speaking the mantra ॐ शुक्र देवाय  नम: after the mantra you can wear it in your little or middle finger. Diamond will give effects within 30 days after wearing and till 5 years it will give full effects, after that it becomes inactive, You must change your gemstone after inactivation. For good results you can wear a white Diamond. Cheap and bad gemstones can produce malefic results.

In which finger Diamond – Heera should be worn according to astrology? 

According to astrology diamond – heera gemstone should be worn in small finger or middle finger of right hand.

What day and time diamond – heera gemstone should be worn ?

For good astrological effects, one should wear diamond – heera on Friday morning between 5 am to 7 am. in shukla puksha days.

In which metal one should wear diamond – heera gemstone ?

For best results diamond – heera gemstone should be worn in gold but if you can’t afford gold, you can make it in silver also.

Is it must to activate the diamond – heera gemstone before wearing ?

Without activating the diamond – heera gemstone with right astrological process may give bad effects. So it is must to activate the diamond – heera gemstone with buddha deva’s Mantras before wearing.

Diamond – Heera Price In India.

Diamond – Heera price starts from INR 150000  per carat in India

How do i know if i should wear a diamond gemstone or not?

You must wear any gemstone only after consulting an expert, you must check your horoscope by an experienced astrologer before wearing a diamond gemstone.

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