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healthy living
healthy living

Good habits of healthy living

Good habits of healthy living
Wash your hands
*After coming home from somewhere outside, after touching a foreign object, before preparing food, before eating, after eating and after using the bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
If your house has a small child, then it becomes even more imperative.
Keep your house clean
*Focus on cleaning in the house, especially the kitchen and toilets. Do not let water collect anywhere especially Sinks and wash basins, or the place where you wash your clothes, or on the
floor. Do not leave any food item out in the open. Keep raw and cooked food separately. Keep Cooking and eating utensils, fridge, and oven clean. Keep the lids closed on all containers with food
in them.
*Keep Your resting or sleeping quarters clean, airy, and open. keep changing Sheets, pillows, mattress or mattress-cover and curtains from time to time and try to keep them facing the sun.
Fresh Produce
* Use fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, grains and other materials. Store everything in the proper place and check the expiry date on the food so that it doesn’t spoil.
* Eat salad, yogurt, milk, oatmeal, green vegetables, whole grains, lentils, and other whole, non-processed foods. Use clean water for cooking and drinking.
Thoroughly wash the vegetables and fruits before you cook them.
Limit Oil
*do not use Too much oil when cooking your food. Do not eat too much spicy food or use excessive spices in your food. Limit your consumption of heavy food. Cook vegetables at the right
temperature so as to not destroy the nutrients. Always keep foods covered and eat fresh food.
*Prioritize the use of Unsaturated vegetable oil for cooking, such as soybeans, sunflowers, corn or olive oil. Limit the amount of Sugar and salt in your food to minimize health risks. Do not eat
Junk food, soft drinks and juice made with artificial sugar. Try to eat dinner no later than eight o’clock and try to eat light food.
Stress relief
*Spend some time outdoors, Play with the kids, your pets and family, run, make some time to have light-hearted fun. Practice Meditation and Yoga to improve Concentration and to keep stress at bay.
Regular Exercise
*Make time in your schedule each day for At least half an hour of daily exercise. Switch up the exercises you do from time to time, maybe aerobics one day and
weights the next. If it is difficult to make time, then you can try brisk walking, or climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator. Try these at work if you have to remain seated in the same
position for a long time.
Doctor’s Appointment
*After age 45 you should undergo a routine check up every year. If the doctor prescribes you medicine, then take it regularly.

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