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Dharmik Symbol Om
Dharmik Symbol Om

Knowing that you are pure consciousness

The self is also described as not this not this. For example, the self is not the body, not the senses, not the mind, not the ego, not the intelligence, and not any of the object we know. In the body, the sould said to appear to the mystics like a flame, of the size of a thumb. However, it has no specific form or size. It is formless and infinite. It is larger than the largest object and smaller than the smallest. According to the Upanishads the self cannot be known by the study of the scriptures, instruction of a teacher by rituals and sacrifices by debates and discussions by wealth and power by teaching about it by intellect or by imagination. The self is unknown to the mind and senses and exists beyond the known. Even those who think they may know him, probably do not know him. The self is only known by the self through self realization, when the self reveals itself to the yogi whom the self chooses. What it means is that the self cannot be known by external means. No one can reveal that to you. You will not know your self, unless you seriously and willingly resolve to know it and make the effort to know it. As the bhagavadgita declares, the self is the friend of the self and enemy of the self, depending upon how you treat yourself and regard yourself. If you have firmly decided to know the self, you will know it. The descriptions which you find in the hindu scriptures about self may confuse you. Having read them, you may conclude that the self is a divine entity, who is other than you or different form you. You may also feel discouraged. However, the truth is that you are the soul, minus your mind and body. You are the soul in your current state itself, although you are not yet fully aware of it. You never become the self, because you are already the self. Since you are in an embodied state, and subject to duality delusion and ignorance due to the influence of the gunas you do not know your true nature. You only become aware of yourself by regaining the knowledge of yourself. Liberation truly means becoming free from your ignorance and delusion about yourself and returning to your original state of freedom and pure consciousness. It is as if you suddenly wake up from a dream or as if you have been enacting a role in the drama of life, wearing a mask and a costume and you become so involved with that role that you forget who you are. That mask is the ego and the costume is your body. Nature sets the stage and the self the silent you becomes its witness. Birth after birth, you change your costume, wear a new mask, and play a different role sometimes as male sometimes as a female sometimes as a transgender sometimes as rich sometimes as poor seeking things you wanted to forsake before or forsaking things that you loved in the past. Thus enacting numerous roles and living in them, and experimenting with numerous choices and preferences likes and dislikes you temporarily forget who you are.

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